rhino's energy GmbH


rhino's energy drink has been known worldwide since 2001 – in fact, as one of the first energy drink producers.

Thanks to the exceptional product quality, the right strategy and plenty of commitment, rhino's energy drink has carved out its place as an established brand in the global energy drink market and is now one of the leading energy drink suppliers.

rhino's energy GmbH provides a wide-ranging product portfolio that appeals to a broad target group. In addition to rhino's energy drink classic, it includes the rhino's energy drink zero, the rhino's energy drink cherry acai, the fruity rhino's energy drink redberry and the rhino's relaxation drink blueberry.

In Germany, rhino's beverages are marketed primarily through retail stores. The largest and most important chains such as REWE and Edeka are rhino's partners.

Besides the home market of Germany, rhino's beverages are established in about 20 countries worldwide – partly through general distributors and partly through subsidiaries. In most countries rhino's beverages have managed to gain significant market share in a very short time.